Don’t wait for your roof to break apart! You will get some external signs prior to complete damage that, if you notice, will help you to avoid catastrophes. Here are early warning signs of roof damage:

1. High energy bills

Receiving higher-than-normal energy bills? This might mean that your roof isn’t insulating you from the sun and the snow. Cool and hot air might be seeping out of your home through tiny cracks on the roof. Contact a roof repair company ASAP!    

2. Water stains on walls

If the interior walls and ceilings show signs of staining during winter or rains, then chances are that you have a damaged roof that is letting unwanted water in. Get in touch with a company offering leaking roof repair service in your area to prevent further damage. [reference: shingle cleaning]    

3. Birds and animals on your roof

Squirrels scampering around your roof? Birds making an appearance every time you venture out? This might mean that they have made a home for themselves in the broken shingles on your roof.      roof-service-types-ultimate-exteriors-iowa    

4. Sounds of whistling 

No, roofing contractors like us don’t think there is a ghost in your house if you hear whistling sounds on a regular basis. There is a high chance that the culprit might be a damaged part of your roof that is unable to prevent the wind from flowing into your home.     

5. Black stains on the roof

Get in touch with roofing contractors if you spot ungainly-looking black spots on the roof. This means that your roof has been taken over by algae. While this might not lead to an immediate problem, but in the long term, the algae can damage the UV coating on the roof shingles. The algae might also get harder to remove with time and cause extensive damage.     

6. Gutter filled with small parts of the roof’s shingles

Finding granules of your roof’s shingles in the gutter while cleaning it? This means that your roof is in need of urgent repair. Have a professional inspect your roof and get the damaged shingles replaced. [reference: roof cleaning] These are some of the early warning signs of a damaged roof. If you live in the Des Moines area, then call Ultimate Exteriors of Iowa to take care of these issues!