Your home can end up looking entirely different if you choose to replace your roof. One of the things that people take the most time to choose is the color of the roof when signing up for roof replacement services. It is important to choose a roof’s color carefully, not only because it will make or break your house’s aesthetic appeal, but it will also play a significant role in a host of different factors. Therefore, we have prepared a blog for you of all the things you should keep in mind while selecting your roof’s color. Let’s begin, shall we?     

The climate

  If the climate is hot and dry, then it is best to opt for light-colored shingles. Choosing dark colored ones will cause your attic to heat up, which will subsequently make your home warmer than normal. This will lead to high energy bills as your air conditioner will have to work harder to heat up your home. If you live in cold conditions, then it’s best to opt for dark-colored roofs as they help to melt snow faster.     

Other materials and parts 

  You don’t want a wildly-contrasting roof, do you? Keep the color of the windows and the walls in mind while choosing your roof’s shade. Pay attention to the other components. Go for one that complements and accentuates your home’s look.     


  Do you have a slanting or a flat roof? Is the design of your home traditional or modern? These are the questions that come into the picture when you choose your roof’s color. The color should complement and highlight the home’s architectural style instead of being an eyesore.    


  Many neighborhoods have rules pertaining to the architecture and design of homes in the area. So make sure that you look them up or hire a local roofing contractor who is aware of all the regulations. Apart from that, while you might want to stand out with your bolder choice of colors, it might be difficult to sell your home later on if it looks unappealing next to the other homes. So, go on a walk in the neighborhood and make notes before selecting a color!  If you need professional assistance to select the ideal color, then get in touch with Ultimate Exteriors of Iowa. Call (515) 419-7459 today.